Friday, February 13, 2009


Seems all New Yorkers who twitter were at Twestival last night. (Or had at least sent in $20 for the charity it supported.) It was a club-like venue that was already packed when I arrived with Peggy Olson a few minutes after it started. As soon as people entered, they pulled out their iphones (i hate my centro) and began tweeting to find out if they had friends there. If you coded your tweet with #nyctwestival, it appeared on a giant screen showing n a continuous scroll of posts like @ me if you are here and @adbroad, I am near the yellow jerry cans in the center. Which is how I had the good fortune to meet Alan Wolk in person. No, he's not the breakdancing astronaut. That's Mat Man who was a finalist for a Shorty Award in the, um, Weird category. For an event inspired by a platform for conversation, odd that the music was so LOUD you couldn't talk except directly into someone's ear. Which made conversation so exhausting, lots of people gave up and stood silently sipping $16 drinks, tweeting people who weren't there. 


Alan Wolk said...

It was so great meeting you in person too. Twestival was a great cause and even more amazing that they pulled it together in just three weeks.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Three weeks? Amazing, Alan. It usually takes longer to schedule lunch in ny. Just read that 1000 twits raised $22,500 that night. Kudos to Toby Daniels & co.