Friday, March 13, 2009

another reason to move to australia

Aussie tv. My daughter came home from college this week and (aside from dirty laundry) brought We Can Be Heroes, the funniest content I've seen in a long time. It's a faux-reality series running based on a search for “Australian of the Year.” What makes it hilarious, aside from droll reportage, is that one comic actor plays all five contestants:

--a 16 year old prep school girl who sponsors 85 Sudanese children, raising money by fasting two days a week

--a boy who donated his eardrum to his hearing-impaired twin

--a menopausal housewife who holds world championship for the dubious sport of “distance-rolling”, coached by her retired couch potato husband

--40 year old man who saved 9 children from a jumping castle that blew into power lines on a windy day

--23 year old Chinese physics student who, over his parents’ objections, is pursuing a career as an actor.

Extending the show's brand (and its entertainment value) is an in-character website featuring photos, videos, letters and personal revelations from each of the contestants, like the 16 year old's "global vision statement." Which means that ABC Australia not only knows a good thing, they know how to market it. Right down to prominently noting that This show is rated M. It is not recommended for persons under 15 years. It contains coarse language. What could a 12 year old find more persuasive?

translation: dux (not ducks) is award given to student with highest academic achievement

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