Monday, December 14, 2009

crowdsourcing santa

A downside of being out of town this weekend--or upside, depending on your tolerance for Christmas spirit(s)-- was missing out on the sight of thousands of Santas who came out for the annual Santacon. Despite it's being billed as NOT A PUB CRAWL, it's a pub crawl taking place annually in cities around the world from New York to Chicago to Pasadena to Beijing. (In China, Christmas is a romantic holiday.)

If you're in next year, read the ground rules before going, which include "Not just a hat", "No making kids cry" and "Pay with cash."

Photo by Marc Whalen. The rest of his SantaCon series here.


Linda Danz said...

You can, as a native New Yorker, be in town and just not go down.

Michael Bissell said...

I was out on that very day for the Portland Santacon -- different town, same gig. Portland draws about 600-700 drunken Santas; the two times I've gone, I was having too much fun to actually partake in the drinking part of the day, which is particularly ironic when you know my drinking habits...

I think the most amusing part of the event is when you get a few hours into it and the amateur drinkers start to lose motor skills. That seems to be about when the Portland Police start showing up.