Friday, June 11, 2010

this is the band kids are crazy about?

If you've got kids under 12, you probably know about this, but I was perplexed by a sign in our neighborhood that seemed to indicate a shortage of ubiquitous office supplies. My sister, the mom of two kidlets, informed me of the latest tween craze: braceleting your wrists with as many colored rubber bands as possible, Nefertiti style. There's a "designer" band called SillyBandz but I guess kids in our neighborhood settle for off-brand. I mean band. Benign as fad sounds, it's been banned from some schools. Lucky for recession-hit parents the craze is so economical.


pennyo'reilly said...

But they're not just circular rubber bands - when they aren't stretched out on your wrist, they are shaped like animals, hearts, stars, and other things. Don't get me wrong, the fact that they are so "hot" confounds me.

Rubber Band Bracelets said...

These things are pretty nuts and I'm find that stores are having trouble keeping the originals in stock..Now I see they have logo bandz such as Disney, NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.