Monday, August 22, 2011

coming to a bus stop near you: motion posters

Here's a new add-in for your media mix: the motion poster. Thanks to GIF technology, it's a cross between a poster and trailer. Foxsearchlight Pictures is using it to promote a film opening in October starring Mary-Kate's twin sister Ashley Elizabeth Olson. (Click on ad to the right to make GIF work in Blogger. Or, just imagine the girl in the M turning to you and opening her eyes.)

The studio is also making ingenious use of QR codes which few have devised ingenious use for. Instead of slapping a code onto the base of an ad, they're making it the visual and linking it to exclusive trailers that can be seen only by scanning the code. Sudden impact.

Thanks to @IanSchafer for finding it first.


California Girl said...

Just like the Tom Cruise movie where the posters spoke, followed you with their message & screened images talked at you specifically...funny thing is, I cannot remember the name of the movie. concept contained within worked but the movie name brand didn't. ha!

Kelli said...

I believe that was Minority Report that California Girl is talking about. And I'm glad to see someone using QR codes in an exciting way. Everyone loves a good Easter Egg. That's what they should be used for. They have to go somewhere interesting that you can't find otherwise if this technology is going to work.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

@California Girl--Really? Cool. Was it Eyes Wide Shut? I don't recall these posters, ahead of their time.

@Kelli--Or maybe it was Minority. Agree totally about creative use of QRs necessary if this technology is to survive.

California Girl said...

Yes, Minority Report