Friday, November 30, 2007

welcome to scotland

Scotland spent over $250,000 in advertising fees to come up with a new tagline for itself. The new tag, devised after multiple go-rounds and with input from one of Scotland's top shops, The Leith Agency, is... Welcome to Scotland. The rebranding effort was initiated by First Minister Alex Salmond who pledged to scrap his predecessor's slogan, calling it too downbeat. The former tagline was Best Small Country in the World. Like all branding campaigns, it includes regional components. Edinburgh has the option of running "Real Financial Strength." Other cities are provided options like "First to Introduce Universal Education" and "Home of Europe's Fastest Growing Life Sciences Community."

The new core message will replace the old one at all Scots airports starting today which is a new holiday in Scotland. Scottish Parliament recently passed The St. Andrew's Bank Holiday Act of 2007 which declares November 30 an official bank holiday, but does not require banks to close, nor are employers required to give their employees the day as a holiday.

--sourced from Scotland's Daily Record, 11.28.07 and from the newsfeed screen in the elevator of the building I work in, my primary source of news until after the pitch

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