Monday, April 6, 2009

1 day, 7 hours, 30 min, 50 seconds to save a killed idea from permanent death

You know that brilliant ad campaign you did for a client who loved it until his global manager weighed in? The amazing interactive concept you came up with that the CD in general just didn't get? The TV idea that would have gotten you to Cannes, if only cost consultants hadn't nixed the production? Now there's a way to make them live. Send them to Killed Ideas, the first awards competition for creative that never saw light of day. Steve Hall (of Adrants fame) is looking for DOA concepts not only in advertising, but graphics, industrial, package and interactive design. The best will be compiled into a book called Killed Ideas, a project of Blurb, a publisher working with artists, photographers, designers and agencies. Unlike most competitions, submissions are free. Just upload here. But hurry. Entries are due tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7th at midnight PST. (Lucky East Coast procrastinators get until 3 am) No more extensions. The fake deadline's already come and gone, sorry. If you don't make this deadline, your dead concepts will stay dead. Or sitting in a dark drawer or notebook, waiting to be revived by some other client. Same thing.

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