Thursday, November 19, 2009

secret of ancient manhood: how to carve a turkey

Before there was Martha Stewart, there was Martha Logan, a fictional expert a la Betty Crocker who "wrote" cookbooks for Swift & Company that were chock full of recipes encouraging meat consumption. She also starred in a few instructional videos, none so tantalizing as "Carving Magic" with Harvey Korman who challenges Bill Kerwin to a manly duel of knives. Of course, men in past generations didn't need to watch this, as they were born with the male carving gene, rare today as the sock garter. Happily, the film survives for our edification. Clueless knife-wielders of both sexes have a week to practice. (via Modern Retro Woman)

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California Girl said...

I have no memory of Martha Logan but then I was really young when this must have been made. Jumped over to Modern Retro Woman blog from yours and it's cute. Sometimes I wish it were the "good old days" only I don't know they ever really existed.

Meanwhile, as old Ski Nose would say,
"Thanks for the memories."