Wednesday, March 10, 2010

marketing synergy: Mad Men goes Barbie

Brilliant marketing move for two companies: the newest line of Barbies will include men-Mad Men. According to the New York Times today, Betty and Don and Roger and Joan dolls will launch in July to help promote the start of Season 4.

Mattel will issue 7000-10,000 copies of each doll but you won't find them in toy stores, only in specialty stores and two websites: and

Of course, dolls come with period accessories like fedoras, pearls and padded bras. But no cigarettes, ashtrays or cocktail shakers. Ironic that Betty can smoke and drink while she's pregnant but not while she's Barbie.

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Unknown said...

Saw this in my reader w/ ad broad and also the Mad Men twitter site I subscribe to via my tv station's twitter site.

I want the set! (I can't believe I'm saying that). But, I still have all 3 original Barbies and I do mean original. An original Barbie, an original Ginger (early 60's bubble hairdo plat blonde) and an original Ken. I have all the clothes and I keep them in an original Barbie clothes locker/case. They are in good not great condition. This is just so cool.

Did I read the article correctly...
$74.95 for the set?

Nince interview on AMC w/ you. You look damn good for the "oldest female copywriter on the planet"... Not sure if I'm remembering that correctly as I see you've changed your slug line, I mean, "positioning statement".