Thursday, January 12, 2012

new way to bring good things to life

Walter Isaccson’s (most enjoyable) book on Steve Jobs introduces his notion of a “reality distortion field” by which he created perceptions that didn’t jive with the way things are.

Aurasma takes the power of "reality distortion" to new levels with a phone app that animates inanimate objects, imbuing photos, books, even buildings with moving, interactive life. The app is free and works with iOS, Android and tablets. It’s made by Autonomy, an AR company that just announced that the download count broke three million.

Aurasma is the darling of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where darlings are hard to come by this year, according to David Pogue.

Cue CPG brand managers.

But, sheesh, couldn't the geniuses who created this think of anything better to do with a $20 bill?

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't jibe, not doesn't jive.