Saturday, February 4, 2012

mad men ad controversy

If you're a Mad Men fan addict like I am, you already know Don and Betty are making a comeback on March 25th thanks to minimalist print promos that are a grab shot from the show's animated title sequence. In New York, this ad caused a bit of an stir due to its similarity to Richard Drew's haunting image of a man falling from a World Trade Tower on 9/11. Drew's "Falling Man" appeared in one edition of the New York Times, but was pulled after readers protested its publication. Now it's an ad? Tom Junod of Esquire does an interesting speculation on whether this is a desecration or simply how we continue to reckon with the day the world as we knew it came to an end.

via Adelaide Now

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California Girl said...

These are wonderful. Wish I were in the city to see.

I'm actually watching Seasons 1-3, in order, on my Kindle Fire. My husband and sons surprised me with one when they were released in Nov. It was for my b'day and I love the damn thing. We have a Netflix acct and I found Mad Men seasons. I'd rather watch repeats of a great show than new episodes of crap.

So, I'm getting a different perspective on the Draper marriage, Betty's sad situation, the ever evolving agency and its employees. I'm seeing so much more second time around, in order. Incredible writing, set design, costuming, attention to period detail and overall production.

Don Draper never looked so good.