Saturday, August 22, 2009

sound of music, track 1

I know. I've posted about flashmobs before. But what makes this stunt in Central Station of Antwerp, Belgium so refreshing was that it wasn't orchestrated by a global brand to push product, but as a promotion for a local TV program looking for a lead in the musical "The Sound of Music." 200 dancers. 2 rehearsals. 4 minutes of delight for early morning commuters.


The Bug said...

I'm trying to decide why this one moves me every time I watch it - is it the look of wonder on the faces of the commuters - or is it the song, which has always been so much fun to sing? Whatever, I love it!

California Girl said...

I saw this months ago. Interesting but strange. I can't get behind it. Maybe that's because I hate "The Sound of Music". bleech.

Theresa B said...

It is one of my life goals to do this someday! There have been a bunch of them to feature Michael Jackson songs, including tributes like this one in Stockholm. Such amazing and fun orchestrations. Loved the supermarket guys, too!