Saturday, October 24, 2009

@BettyDraper goes Hollywood

At the kind invitation of Writers Guild West, I spent the week in Santa Monica, at Digital Hollywood, a four day thinklab exploring all that's erupting on the frenzied frontier of digital entertainment. Which is to say, entertainment.

I sat on a panel about Transmedia Storytelling with a distinguished lineup of fellow panelists that included Flint Dille, Dungeons and Dragons, Adam Armus, Heroes, Chris Ord and Matt Corman, Covert Affairs, and Jay Bushman, Orson Wells Sells His Soul to the Devil.

It was fascinating to hear how Flint is turning toys into TV shows. How Adam is working with Heroes writers to extend the show impressively across multiple platforms. How Jay is turning Halloween into Tweetplays. And Matt and Chris are turning Betty Draper's best friend into a spy for Covert Affairs.

I spoke as a Mad (Wo)Man on Twitter, about how to free TV characters from ordinary contraints of the medium, and how doing so can result in benefits for a show. I hate dealing with reading glasses on stage, so I used slides as talking points. Which I'm sharing here for anyone interested.


California Girl said...

I finally visited your web site. Your body of work is impressive. I have a better understanding of your Mad Men focus and why you're so into Twitter which I tend to view as a temporary fad. Perhaps not?

I am learning the relevance of new social media as we incorporate it into our marketing efforts for our tv group. We are a niche group of stations marketing to resort area visitors. Great captive audience and all that but still vulnerable. Traditional media has to evolve or die. I read a blog by a Chicago Trib (or Sun Times?) editor, "Reflections of a Newsosaur" and it keeps me grounded in reality. Luckily, my sons are in their early twenties and can easily instruct me with the ever changing world we now inhabit. Whew!

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Thanks, California Girl. Honestly, I don't view Twitter as a fad, I think it's too entrenched--or ppl too entrenched with it--for it not to last. THeir open API helps. If only their whale didn't surface so often..

Sounds like you're doing interesting things! Newsosaur. Luv that :)