Tuesday, February 15, 2011

social media isn't just for kids anymore

A recent study by the Pew Foundation finds that while Millennials remain the most web-social generation, their elders are (slowly) catching up in networking activity. Social use of the web has quadrupled for 74+ since 2008, up from 4% to 16%. The percentage of adults on the web who watch videos has jumped to 66%. The group who most likes to rate things online is the "Silent Generation", ages 65-73. Perhaps they're most comfortable with hierarchy?

This ought to get the attention of pharmas and their agencies: searching for health info is now the third most popular online activity not just for older web surfers, but for all internet users 18 and up.

Read full report here.

tip o the hat to Ben Kunz


Rob Buccino said...

Great find, Ad Broad!

Now if only I weren't an Older Boomer....

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

I share your pain, Rob. But glad not to be further East on the chart!