Wednesday, March 19, 2008

is your doc a secret blogger? examine this site to find out

You know how hard it is to find a good doctor. Well, statcounter shows that, for some reason, docs are finally coming to me. Which is how I discovered this hilarious site:
Random thoughts from a few cantankerous American physicians. All contributors board certified. Trust us, we're doctors.
See, unlike clients who secretly want to be creatives, many docs, imho, could have been damn good writers if they hadn't been sidetracked by the thrill of serial graduations, the selfish need for socially responsible employment, and, oh yes, the prospect of stratospheric hourly rates. 

You tend to hear more about lawyer-turned-writers because (being results-oriented) JDs tend to write stuff that sells. But docs have been known to pen actual literary achievements. I'm not saying you're going to find Checkhov on MDOD. But you will obtain extremely well-written and entertaining advice from people in the profession your life might depend on someday. You'll learn how not to talk to a pediatrician. And (next brand brief for Gilette?) why it's best to avoid those lower-shelf off-brand shaving creams.

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