Saturday, August 16, 2008

i didn't mean those email rules for you!

Dear Beloved Friends and Family Afar (whose email I look forward to even if I don't answer it promptly), Who I Didn't Even Realize were Readers (thank you),

I didn't mean these rules to apply you! I often do postings (like email) on the fly, as quickly as possible, so as to get on to other things. Posts aren't meant to be Proust remember, they are frequently  knee-jerk reactions to minor irritants that crop up in the course of a day--like receiving a string of emails in which recipients copy all 154 recipients on saying "thanks" to sender; or a virtual album of baby pics (same setting, different poses) from a proud dad with whom you are barely acquainted. 

Rest assured, as I wrote this, I was not begrudging your own welcome missives. Oh, how I sometimes long for days, far less complicated days, when mail came once a day through a slot in your door or plopped into an inbox on your (actual, real world) desktop. 


Joker said...

honestly, I think people take communication for granted. There's something irritating about a two line email while there's something glorious about getting an email so long you don't know how to respond to it.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

And, of course, email from YOU can never be too long, Joker. : D

Joker said...

Thank you luv. A late night smile is definitely appreciated. ;)

much love and btw.....

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suyck... I have to make a post about this some day.