Thursday, August 14, 2008

take a break from the hot air around you

And watch balloons over Casablanca. Galactica. Oz. Jerry Rees, film animator and balloon fanatic, spent god knows how long digitally inserting a balloon into key scenes of 18 film classics. The least you can do is spend 6 minutes to enjoy. Trust me, it's worth it.

Note for techies: He lit a real balloon to match each scene, shot it against a green card, then key-framed all the movement with After Effects - motion blur activated.


Thinking In Vain said...

Very cool! Loved watching it. :)

Anonymous said...

Casablanca was phenomenal. I think my personal favorite is the quick clip of C-3P0 and R2D2 braving the crossfire, balloon in tow. Though the Once Upon A Time In the West scene with Henry Fonda reflected in the balloon was brilliant.

Thanks for sharing.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

@ thinking--Glad you enjoyed. Just found out Rees also directed and animated The Brave Little Toaster which my kids and i loved (in a galaxy 17 years away) and so did Sundance--first animation they ever screened.

@chris--C-3P0--THAT's the name I was trying to think of! (Where were you when i needed you yesterday.) Didn't catch the HF reflection, I'll look again, thanks.

Joker said...

Nena would be proud :D