Monday, December 8, 2008

kudos to BBH for getting a brand manager to sign off on this

Everyone has a concept they've been dying to execute, if only they could hornswoggle a client into paying for it. Props to Pete Bradly at BBH who convinced Barclaycard to underwrite a shoot so extravagant, they did a short to explain the making of it. What does commuting home in a waterslide have to do with choosing a credit card? Um…Barclaycard is accepted everywhere, so it lets you…um…glide through life! Yep, that's it! Only envious fellow creatives would find the execution gratuitous.

Watch this and weep as you go into yet another bid meeting with CPG cost-cutting consultants.

hat tip to GardenBroad


RFB said...

That was incredible. I didn't even mind the choice of music, so good were the visuals to offset that wretched song.


Anonymous said...

Fudgin' budget! We can't even get half our clients to sign off on an hour's worth of copywriting these days (they want to do it themselves, heaven help us all).

Kudos! Fantastic spot.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

@Jetpacks One of the great pleasures of having a blog is being able to use words you rarely have a chance to employ otherwise...don't you agree? ;)

@anonymous Agreed. Most irritating client mantra: "Heck, I'd write it myself if I had the time..."

Anonymous said...


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