Sunday, January 11, 2009

7 things about me you might not want to know

One of my favorite bloggers, Dear Jane Sample (of whom my mother doesn't entirely approve) tagged me the other day in a post. Jane was asked to reveal 7 things about herself. And challenged 7 people to do the same. So here (because it's so tempting to work on something besides a project due tomorrow) goes:

1. Like Social Hallucinations who tagged Jane, I hate lending books. After I finish reading a book I love, I find it a home on my bookshelf where I can continue to admire it on occasion, as if it's a friend who's taken up residence in my hallway. People who ask to borrow books often fail to fathom the primal bond that forms between an avid reader and a book she hated to finish, or why ordering another from B&N just isn't the same.

2. I am the oldest of eight children. Who haven't been children, of course, for years. Funny how we tote our childhood identities into adulthood. Must we persist in using the term "oldest?"

3. I met my husband at Studio 54. Which makes us sound vastly more hipster than we actually were.

4. I was born in Tennessee.

5. Though it violates every principle I hold dear about women being worthy and equal, I love pre-feminist chic flicks like Cukor's "The Women" and "The Best of Everything." I can watch Joan Crawford's eyebrows in this scene again and again.

6. I speak Chinese. Not like a native. But I can hold my own at a meet and greet at a satellite office in, say, Shanghai.

7. Despite best intentions, I'm still tweeting as Mad Men's Betty Draper. In fact, my addiction has only intensified. I guess because against evidence to the contrary, I'm convinced the enterprise has a future, somehow. @bettydraper now has a blog! And (thanks if you voted) she's the number one nominee for a Shorty Award in entertainment! My (real life) family is researching 12-Step Twitter Recovery Programs. Wish me luck tonite at the Golden Globes!

OK, now it's my turn to tag people, asking them to share 7 things about themselves. Jane's already picked a few on my list, including Creative Beef and Joker (who just got engaged, mazel tov!) and Shaun at Prostituted Thoughts. But here are other bloggers I'd love to know better:

The Ad Contrarian
Advertising is Good For You
High Jive
Toad Stool (Alan Wolk)
Make the Logo Bigger (Bill Green)
View from the Bottom
The rules (should you choose to accept this mission):
Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.


RFB said...

But I did this already....

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Oops, sorry to have hounded you again with this silly game, Jetpacks. Speaking of hounds, notice your dog hasn't posted lately.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How shocked were you to see your name on Jane Sample's list? I know I was.
I like your blog; I added to my roll!

Anonymous said...

I too am guilty of #1. I hate lending out my books so much, I use to LIE about not having a book when I was younger! It was also because I like my books to look new and whenever I lent it out to someone it would never come back in the same condition.

Unknown said...

gaSince that's sort of out-of-character for my oh-so-serious (these days) blog, I will respond to you here and do much linking back to this post:

1. I am a graduate of the Boston University School of Law, where I was editor of the International Law Review.

2. I am the model for the character Alan Blassenheim in John Gardner’s last novel Mickelsson’s Ghosts (he was my professor in college.)

3. Many of Alex. P. Keaton’s tics are traceable to me. (The head writer and producer of Family Ties was a college friend.)

4. In 1989, Spy magazine bought the second article proposal I sent them. It never ran, but I made $450 for my efforts.

5. My dream job is to be a New York Times Op Ed columnist. I learned to write from emulating the late John Leonard's Private Lives columns

6. When I was 4 years old, I could add 3 digit numbers in my head and tell you how old you were if you told me the year you were born. My son was also able to do this at age 4 without my teaching it to him so it must be genetic.

7. I can name the capital of every US state, Canadian province and foreign country. It's a great party trick for really boring parties.

Jeanine Marie said...

I love your blog. I never miss a post.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

@Jetpacks Well, you know what they say. No one knows you're a dog on the internet.

@mtlb I totally agree with your #5. But even more so. I feel like I'm missing a film if I don't see the previews.

@jensorlie Thanks, Jen. Hi to Penelope! Wish you'd adopted more of her family which seems to be taking over Riverside Park.

@Jane Thanks, um, sort of, for the tag. Glad to meet another avid book hoarder.

@Alan (I dare not call you Toad now that you are reincarnated as a distinguished regular on the SM speaking circuit ;) LOVED your 7, esp #2--truly, Gardner is one of my idols.

@CatnipIntoxicating Grateful for your read & kind words. LOL at the balloon orgy you posted, Durex spot was new to me, thanks!