Tuesday, January 20, 2009

attend today's events from your office? yes you can!

Couldn't snag tickets to today's festivities? No matter. You can view them better right from your desk via a multitude of video streams, pictures, and live feeds while still nabbing your day rate.

First, figure out which events you want to attend by checking the Inaugural Committee's Official Schedule. Sign up at the PIC's mobile update site for text alerts of news updates, weather and schedule changes, etc.

The Big Three are all online with free streaming coverage. NBC's coverage is over at MSNBC's inauguration page. CBS' Inauguration webcast goes all day, ending with a web-only wrap-up hosted by Katie Couric at 10 p.m. CBS' coverage is on Joost's Everything Obama site. ABC News is hosting live coverage at its 44th President site.

C-SPAN's main page features a kind of "control room" that lets visitors switch between four feeds of the goings-on on the fly.

Twitter is providing real-time tweets/updates you can follow by searching keywords like #inauguration or #Inaug09. Perhaps the cleanest, most easy-to-follow interface is provided by Deep Focus whose Tweet the Inauguration provides one at a time updates, like a slide show.

Also offering free streaming coverage are the Washington Post, New York Times, and the BBC.

For info on more venues, such as how to Ustream through iPhone or Androids, go to Lifehacker from whom I unabashedly cribbed most of the above. Viewing is a lot more comfortable from an Aeron, anyway.

photo by Sapphireblue


Unknown said...

Thanks for this post! I've been regretting that I didn't take the day off work to watch the inauguration. Now, I might catch a glimpse of it between meetings. I appreciate your research!

Anonymous said...

We just watched the inauguration in the boardroom. Had the big projector set up and everything and not a peep during the entire Presidential speech. Even Canada's paying attention! No one even blinked during our recent elections. Sheesh!