Friday, January 30, 2009

new outdoor concept: walls that have ears

Big Love is an HBO show about a large polygamous family leading complex lies. I mean lives. Well, both actually. Promoting its new season, interactive murals feature images of people walking down a city street with headphone jacks floating above their heads. Passersby can plug in their ipods to listen in on the pedestrians' secret thoughts. Like: a woman who hates her baby and how it's ruining her life. Another hiding her drinking from her husband. An overweight man focused on the girdle he's wearing under his suit.

If only the placement was as brilliant as the creative. In NYC (murals are here and in LA) they're sited in the long tunnel from the subway to Port Authority bus station, a place people don't linger as they're usually in such a hurry to make a bus or a train. The few times I've passed it no one's been listening in. Seems to me subway platforms would have been better. Still. Big love for this concept, BBDO-NY.


Justin Wyman said...

I'm in boulder and didn't see those. Creative concept for a unique show to say the least.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

I agree, Justin. See better images and fuller range here. Even from Boulder ;)