Wednesday, May 13, 2009

me and my new BFF Matt Weiner

Of course, the highlight of last night's CLIO awards for me was getting the opportunity to speak with Matt Weiner, recipient of first honorary CLIO award which wasn't a shiny gold statuette (his spots for the Relaxicizer would have to be real to earn one of those) but instead the more understated and recession-appropriate Lucite.

He is also creator of characters I ran away with on Twitter. So I was a little nervous about shaking hands with him. But "Mind?" he asked, looking incredulous. "I love what you're doing with Betty Draper!" Heartening words indeed from the man who created her. He said he loved all the Mad Men on Twitter and asked me to thank the other writers behind them. Sheepishly adding that he doesn't twitter himself. Yet.

I was impressed by his warmth and patience for photo-opps with fans who swarmed him. And by his generous words on the stage: I was interested in the history of advertising, and ironically I get to be a part of advertising history. But what most impressed me was that after accepting his award, he didn't bolt backstage to party or jet home to LA. He humbly stepped down, took a seat at a front table and watched attentively as others gathered their awards, looking rapt through even the student competitions. He is an old-school gentleman just like Don Draper. And, apparently, just as captivated by the business of advertising.


Henry said...

you go, girl!

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Thanks, you two. I know you *know* about being a man's best friend ;)