Friday, May 15, 2009

postcards from vegas

Last night was the CLIO Moving Image Awards (formerly known as Television) and the show opened with a Walk of Fame where larger than life icons of classic commercials bounced, danced and jiggled down a red carpet: Kool-Aid Man, Nesquik Bunny, Michelin Man, Charlie the Tuna. Big line for photos with Morris the Cat. Yep, I succumbed.

It wouldn't be Vegas without Barry Manilow who was honored with a Clio for his contributions to advertising, jingles he obligingly belted out in a medley on a white baby grand: You deserve a break today...I am stuck on BandAid...Like a good neighbor...All across the nation, it's the Pepsi generation...It's the most original soft drink...Up, up and wait, he didn't write that one, only suggested it for the next Viagra commercial. He was wildly cheered by a standing crowd, some of whom held up lighters in tribute. (yes lighters. It's Vegas. You can smoke indoors. And engage in other activities the real world prohibits.)

Vintage spots from the 70s and 80s evoked nostalgic sighs from the audience. Remeber Coke's Mean Joe Green from 1979?

The kid who handed the Coke to Mean Joe was honored with a CLIO last night, 40 years later. He's Tom Okon. His dad was a Mad Man at Benton & Bowles and invited his brother to a casting session. Tom tagged along and was cast for the spot instead. He's got four kids of his own now. When I asked if he was in the business, he look surprised. Nope. He owns a construction company.

Extending the theme of Former Child Stars Now on the Speaking Circuit, presenter for the evening was Chris Knight. Peter from the Brady Bunch, remember?

Still here? You must be reading to find out who won the awards. Click through.


Anonymous said...

i notice you didn't mention what u did with he michelin man!!! ha


Cheating on Eliza, I see ... or perhaps finding her a mate!