Saturday, December 8, 2007

advertising emoticons

The client loves the ad.

The client loves the ad but wants to change the headline and visual.

If I laugh at the CD's lame jokes, he'll put me on a better account.

I - O
How much longer is this research meeting?

What did R&D say? I am confused.

[:- |
I can't be productive if I'm not wearing my Ipod.

: - O
The pitch is tomorrow? I thought it was next week.

They're moving our department to the sub-basement? Whatever.

: *)
Last year's Christmas Party was better.

; - )
Don't tell him I think his work sucks, OK?

Awesome. T&E approved all my minibar charges.

: P
The client wants the logo bigger.

x- (
The logo's so big a blind person can read it.

< : o )
You need the comp now? Want that with fries?

-- with a nod to Tom McNichol

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Selectrics, copy mailed with stamps, cheap yellow paper for drafts, carbon paper for copies...
thank you, ad broad, for this wry, hilarious account of the not-too-distant past that sounds so quaint today. Your wry comments of the workaday world hit the mark.