Friday, December 21, 2007

top this, home depot

Last month, Lowe's Warehouse jeopardized the good will of its base franchise (did you know there's a trade association for American families?) by attempting to secularize Christmas trees, calling them "Family Trees" in its holiday catalog. Ever since a spokeshead issued an apology back in November, PR must have been scrambling for other ways to restore brand luster. Just in time for last minute Christmas shopping comes a heart-warming story that gives new meaning to the tagline "I found it at Lowe's". (Thanks, DEL, for this breaking news.)


Anonymous said...

Family Tree? So what a single person isn't allowed to buy a "Undenominational Holiday" tree now?
Well up here in the Great White North, Toronto actually, last year the malls attempted to call Santa "the man in the red suit". Man were people pissed off about that.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Good to know that the insanity isn't confined to our own national borders, Jane. Thanks for the global perspective. BTW, i heard that in Australia this year "men in red suits" are being cautioned that "ho ho ho" can be construed to be insulting to women (whore, whore, whore) and that they should say "ha ha ha" instead.