Sunday, December 2, 2007

a picture is worth 1000 words and vice versa

Last week, an art director designing an ad, left out half of a headline I'd written for it. When I pointed out his oversight, he said he'd done it on purpose. That many words didn't look good there, he said.

A writer exhibited equal disregard for visuals by throwing away images I'd painstakingly copied at her request, a process requiring resizing jpegs, making pdf's, carefully calibrating printer colors. I didn't know you wanted them back, she said, uncrumpling pictures she picked from the trash.

Word people and picture people-- their distinct sensibilities rarely intersect in the same place, it seems. So it is surprising to me that this marvelous image appears on the cover of the most prestigious magazine in which a poem (words) can be published. "Flower Skull" by Noah Scalin--great visual for the day the city is hit with first snow of the season.

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