Saturday, December 8, 2007

suzy snowflake, 1951

Weeks ago, the day after I was hired for this job, I was on a plane to London to finish an animation spot. (Oh, the joy of business class seats that lie flat, room with a view, trendy new restaurants at the client's expense.) "Couldn't you find an animation house in LA?" I asked the producer, though I wasn't complaining. The producer said no. The London house's work is so cutting edge. The reason it's cutting edge, it turns out, is because they hand draw the cells instead of reproducing them digitally which is how it was done in the heyday of Disney. I wonder if stop-motion photography is also making a comeback, the technique used to make the first music video I ever saw.


Anonymous said...

i think that stop-motion is coming back. i am (slowly but sort of surely) finishing up a stop-motion ad, i have heard other people talk about it and colle + mcvoy did this one:

hand-drawn cells would be nice though...i love the pre-computer craft of animation.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

thanks, daily biz. I linked onto this page (great site) and found even more interesting than colle + mcvoy's Human Flipbook commercial the spot they created to show how it was made.