Saturday, January 26, 2008

domain you won't find on getty or corbis

Next time you need a retro image that doesn't cry stock, try MirrorWorld which posts vintage snapshots from all over the planet. Its creator's vision:
The singular brilliance of photography is its capacity for allowing hacks & amateurs to create the accidental, offhand masterpiece. Your grandma has no great unread novels or perfect lost symphonies written by her & still tucked away in a drawer in some upstairs closet - but the odds are she does have a photo or two snapped by Uncle Lou in 1939 with a $2 Brownie that wouldn't be out of place on the walls of MOMA. Hopefully somebody will give me a million-dollar grant to go door-to-door looking for these someday. In the meantime when I get bored I snoop about on ebay, the library of congress, etc, & post the cream of what I find on Mirror World.

Will somebody please give this guy a Guggenheim?

[via ComingAnarchy]

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