Tuesday, January 8, 2008

why the bloody hell don't we move to australia

I have no time to blog—I'm on two pitches, remember?

But I did have time to troll the web just now and stumbled across a site that you may already know--The Advertising Agency. It's in Australia, but with the same tsuris-producing clients & clueless management we deal with over here. I almost blew my cover (that I was googling some questions re. our target market) by laughing out loud at a post from last March, titled Being a Writer is Like Being a Cleaner:

You sweep the dirt into one corner and someone says, 'No, I wanted it in THAT corner.'

So you sweep it into the other corner and then someone else - some loser account guy playing devil's advocate for some loser client - comes in and wants it in another corner so you do that and then someone else wants it under the carpet instead of in a corner and then the art director says, 'I'm not having any carpet in my office,' and then the CD comes in and says you're using the wrong broom anyway.

So you get another broom and sweep around for another few hours and then the client comes in and says you should have vacuumed it.

By that stage you've been sweeping so much there is hardly anything left to sweep and now it's five-thirty and all you want is a drink and you think to yourself, 'If I really was the cleaner, I'd be going home right about now.'

I'm thinking of swapping jobs. Do cleaners earn $250,000 a year?

Is that what staff copywriters pull down over there? No wonder Australian tourism ads were banned for a while--lesser paid creatives on holiday there might never come back.

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