Friday, April 4, 2008

new museum needs old lesson in public relations

Went to the newly re-opened New Museum where chocolate is retitled "anti-stress food", unsightly salads come vac-paked and one of the exhibits is reminiscent of my husband's side of the closet. Philanthropist readers may be disappointed to know that though naming opportunities abound, the loo dedication is already taken. (The Sterns wish you to recall their magnanimousness as you make your own, er, more private donation.) But, rest assured for enough lucre, you can still affix your name to back of plastic folding chair in the theater.

Last night the place was mobbed with arty looking hipsters and oblong-glassed literati who came to hear poet luminary Jorie Graham. (Dress code tip: don't even think of showing up in anything but this year's approved color palette: Carafe, Green Moss or IRT Black.)

Entrance fees are dropped on Thursdays, starting at 7. And not a nonosecond before. The goth-looking (isn't that over?) ticket Nazi refused to admit us at 6:48 even though we'd bought tickets to the reading which ostensibly included museum entrance. Wise up, New Museum! Pissing off potential new donors (one of whom was a collector) (not me) ain't good public relations.

thanks to CW for sightings

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