Wednesday, April 2, 2008

what that dark, empty corner needs is a nice robot

A few weeks ago, Adfreak freaked me out with news that Japan is employing robots for childcare. Today's robot release (tip to VSL) is less alarming but equally notable. Gordon Bennett cobbles together objects found at construction sites, garage sales and spends weeks on a robotic creation, each suitably named and authenticated with a numbered metal plate. (Convenient for future offloading at Sotheby's.) My favorite, the lovely Mr. & Mrs Toast (pictured) can be yours for $3300. (Proving a savvy retailer, too, he'll take 10% off if you make the couple a threesome.) No chance of them taking care of your kids, though. To quote VSL: These robots are really no different from most of your actor friends: cool to look at but nonworking.

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