Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what fashions will be in 70 years

In the 1930s (no, I wasn't there) movies were preceded by shorts: newsreels, previews, propoganda, or whimsical pieces like this one in which designers made predictions about fashions in the year 2000. A few guesses, surprisingly prescient, must have seemed preposterous then: "people will move in an atmosphere that's scientifically kept at the right temperature" and "skirts will disappear" leaving women sporting pants, transparent net blouses and shoes with cantilevered heels. (hello east village on a Saturday nite) Surely Carole Lombard fans didn't believe their grandchildren would inherit a world where "men's bodies will be fitted with telephones."

via (I'll admit it) AARP magazine,contributor Barbara Lippert (yes, OUR Barbara Lippert)

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Anonymous said...

Why does the guy look like Ming from Flash Gordon?