Sunday, April 13, 2008

one billable agency hour

It's not only the shitty meetings that eat up your time. It's making the shitty meetings, posts George Tannenbaum on Ad Aged:
3:36 __________ Status. (An email goes out. Two times are proposed for a weekly status meeting.)
3:42 __________ Status. The first person votes on the time she prefers.
3:43 __________ Status. A person agrees with the person above because they have a finance meeting.
3:43 __________ Status. A Senior Vice President agrees with the two people above.
3:51 __________ Status. A Creative Director prefers a different time.
3:53 __________ Status. The first person wonders if the finance meeting can really be completed in 1/2 an hour.
4:11 __________ Status. An ACD agrees with the Creative Director.
4:19 __________ Status. The account lead agrees with the CD and ACD and asks all to confirm.
4:32 __________ Status. The ACD says that it "sounds good!"
4:30 __________ Status. An account person says fine but the status must end early because she and an SVP have a meeting that starts promptly at 12:30.
4:31 __________ Status. The CD says "that's great."
4:31 __________ Status. The first person to respond, 49 minutes ago says, "Sounds good."
4:35 __________ Status. The ACD concurs. "That will force us to be done on time."
4:42 __________ Status. Invitation sent out. It "conflicts with other appointments on my calendar."


Anonymous said...

looks like every meeting I try to make.

Joker said...

Go team.......