Saturday, July 19, 2008

when cellphone battery was a crime

Anticipation generated by the new i-phone was nothing compared to the excitement surrounding introduction of the first cell which, in 1989, came with only one feature (calling) in a handset the size and weight of a brick. Being an early adopter, I bought one. It still works great, as a doorstop.

Years later, cellphones offered more advanced features, but were still hefty enough to be used as assault weapons, as this spot for Sprint startlingly demonstrates. (note fine print disclaimer: Do not attempt.)


Joker said...

Any reason why the first ad had some vintage porn music to it? I swear I was expecting a Green Door and Marylin Chambers to be making a phone call.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Joker, you're right! Music search for porn. To make the proposition of first cell phone more seductive.

Anonymous said...

It's like Jerry Seinfeld's cordless phone from the first couple of seasons. Pull out that 2 foot long whip antenna and you're good for about 20 feet.

Remember pre-cell days when youd meet someone on a corner before going out to dinner or a movie?

"Did I say 7:00? Was it supposed to be Thursday night? Did I say 23rd and 6th or 26th and 3rd? Did Is that him -- I did say northeast cornner, didn't I? I'll wait another half hour....."

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Ha, I remember that cellphone, Auntie. I had one, too! Recent convo with teens who couldn't fathom how I socialized in college without cell, internet. "But how did you meet up with anyone?" The concept of notes on dorm doors sent them into hysterics.