Tuesday, July 1, 2008

lost in translation

The teenaged daughter of a friend just left for Nice where she'll be staying with a French family in a homestay program. (Oh, to live the life our kids do!)

The homestay family kindly emailed to ask if there were any rules they should abide by.

My friend doesn't speak French, but her ex-husband does, and, after discussion with her, he wrote a letter explaining their parenting customs. Unsure of his grammar, and a busy man, he wrote the letter in English, then put it through Google Translator to get the French version. This he sent to the homestay parents, cc'd to my friend.

My friend, eager to read the letter, re-Googled it to translate the French back to English. And was amused to discover her ex--(a professor of English)--sounding like someone who can't pass TOEFEL.

Please do not hesitate to ask a question about Katie once she arrives. Please do not count on it for information on what his parents do or not do it! You can get a bending of truth to meet their needs. I think you understand a parent yourself. Katie is a very nice girl and

Like many teenagers Katie likes to sleep late and at home, we need to tell him to wake up! I think it will be better on the behaviour with you!

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