Monday, December 17, 2007

it's a wonderful life, er, logo

I am home today while you are at work! I have the day off! And tomorrow and tomorrow...the whole week, in fact. Here's the good thing about being a freelancer: when your partner takes vacation, it's almost mandatory that you take off, too. They don't want to pay you for sitting around diddling yourself which is what they think happens when your partner is gone. (Sometimes, they're right.) So this morning instead of busting to get to the office like you did, I slept in! Went Christmas shopping! Kept a doctor's appointment I'd been canceling for weeks! What a wonderful life. Speaking of which, have you seen this above-standard corporate greeting from World Wide Wadio ? I'm not on their list. I found it on AdFreak.

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Anonymous said...

One of the most clever 'spoofs' on the Creative Department I have ever seen--the AE was pretty accurate, too. Thanks for finding the 'logo'!

Glad you had a non-agency day, yesterday and didn't just sit around 'diddling'! 'Twas probably good for your soul.