Sunday, April 6, 2008

greetings from playland

On a clear day, you can see Manhattan's skyline from Rye, New York where I spent the weekend visiting a friend with prime real estate. (Thanks, Cathy.) I was glad that clouds spared me the view of the city, however. Because even now when I glimpse the skyine from afar, I'm unhinged for a moment, thinking Where are the towers.


Joker said...

A friend of mine studied at NYU. Her dorm room had a window with a view to the towers. on 9/11 she woke up to the horrible view, then the smokestacks, then empty. I also have a picture doing a Godzilla mock with the towers... still freaks me out a bit to see it. Then again, 9/11 is every day for some people who live in warring countries. Just makes you appreciate bullshit problems, annoying deadlines and asshole execs that much more.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

good point, Joker. Thanks for putting things in perpective.