Thursday, July 24, 2008

how to access banned websites--updated

A relative informs me he can't read Ad Broad at the office because his company bans blogspots--if you try to call one up on the screen you get a blackout box containing message from the CEO: "This IP is for business use only. Love, George."

I told him corporate surveillance ain't no excuse and directed him to a couple of sites (this one and this one) to help get him to the blogosphere even from the depths of his daily containment. Which you reading this obviously already know how to do.

Message to George: Recent study shows banning personal web use actually costs companies billions. (Of course, don't tell George study was conducted by PopCap, maker of online games.)

UPDATE Escape Maestro Joker advises you can also try silentsurfer or ztunnel.


Joker said...

you can also try or


Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Thanks for alternate escape routes, Joker--moving them to the post.

adhack said...

What we need is a way to ban CEOs from reading ad blogs.

Joker said...

your most very welcome luv and i agree with hack... or maybe get to making them internalize what they read.

nickysam said...

As we have often said, we strongly believe that the consumer's right to privacy is a central issue for the continued growth of the Internet.