Monday, July 14, 2008

talk of the town: Beijing

Just spoke with daughter in Beijing who reports rain, rain, rain. Why? They're shooting clouds with electricity to control the weather so that outlook for Olympics is blue skies & sun. (Word is, the tactic worked great for Bill Gates' recent visit.)

She also enlightened me on the hilarious translation error that Dear Jane Sample posted a few days ago. Chinese characters in the picture mean Cafeteria--my daughter is convinced that English-speaking printers amused themselves by printing up the mistake.

In other China news, this just in from Reuters:
Officials have issued a standard chanting routine that all Chinese spectators should employ during competitions (translated as "Olympics! Add fuel!" with two claps and then both thumbs up, then "China! Add fuel!" with two more claps and raised fists, according to a June Reuters dispatch). ("Add fuel" is apparently a traditional motivational chant in China.) (via StandUpDad via News of the Weird)


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Do you think we can get them to chant "OPEC, add fuel?"