Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-day to you and your monogamous Vole

According to the Wall Street Journal, researchers are using lab science to study the scientific progression of love in hopes of finding a way to reignite passion in fizzled-out relationships. A conference in Stockholm (where else) reported findings from a study on prairie voles, North American rodents that stay paired for life. They’re speed-daters by nature: average courtship is less than 24 hours. But (mammals, they’re all alike) copulation has to be part of the courting process because males don't feel attached to a female until they’ve had sex with her.

When asked about the possibility of a love-again drug, a scientist admitted they’re not even close. “But maybe we'll be contacted by a pharmaceutical company and they'll give us $10 zillion and we'll find something." Pfizer needs another blockbuster as Viagra nears off-patent. I’m loading up on PFE shares now.

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Joker said...

If you're conducting scientific studies on love you're on the wrong foot. There is no empirical evidence that will ever define or explain love because love is blind, love is crazy and love is mad. one would always do best to simply enjoy rather than understand.