Monday, February 11, 2008

mail order pride

Getting started in the business--any business--is tougher than ever. And brand names in education, as in other categories, matter. A degree from the right school can help you get in the door. But why waste four years and $200 grand in tuition. The helpful folks at M.Lahart will outfit you with accessories from the prestige U of your choice. Wish you'd gone to Princeton? Your keyring will say you did. Harvard? Wear a watch with a crimson H on the dial. Once you're hired (you think HR has time to track down university regristrars?) maintain the image with an engraved pewter frame on your desk with a Facebook photo of a Charles regatta slapped in. You're on your way to stock options and management meetings in Milan. Where no one will give a fig where you went to school.

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