Wednesday, February 20, 2008

potato no longer dieter's Voldemort

Writing this from Arizona where the minute you wake up you're already two hours behind. But have you heard this news flash I caught on TV in the fitness center--it may impact what you order for lunch. A new study (funded by the National Potato Board?) shows Atkins, South Beach diets got it wrong--potatoes can actually help you lose weight. The only (perplexing) catch is, they have to be eaten cold. So at last you can bring on those huevos and omelets without holding the home fries. (Just blow on them, I guess, before eating.) Is it my Irish heritage that makes me hope the potato regains the status it held for years, when it was advertised as "America's Favorite Vegetable" and was such a staple in American homes that the original Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head required them.


Joker said...

I'm sure my girlfriend will be thrilled at the news, and if it's still a carb nemesis, screw it, we deserve to eat delicious food from time to time.

Joker said...

in other news.... WOW that hasbro kid was creepy. Sounded like some Twilight Version of Bart Simpson. As for the copy, the ad, and the impalemente of defenseless potatos? how can I not love it :D