Thursday, May 29, 2008

green corn

Used to be, all anybody thought to do with corn was to butter it, pop it, make salty snax out of it or brew it into oil with heart-zapping levels of polyunsaturated fats. (I wanted to post the viral-before-there-was-viral Mazola spot from the 70s. Say "we call it maize" to anyone over 40 and they won't be able to stop themselves from repeating it. No luck excavating footage. So, picture this: tanned white woman wearing long black wig, leather wrap dress, Tonto headband, standing in the middle of a corn field sighing, "You call it corn, but my people call it maize."  (Maize + oil, get it?)

Fast forward a few decades and now food service companies use corn to demonstrate their environmental leadership by serving beverages in Greenware instead of plastic. Greenware is made of a resin derived from corn and other plants. To order this 100% compostable* alternative, contact the manufacturer in Kalamazoo. On Plastics Place.

But why would a 50 year old midwestern manufacturing firm choose for itself the url f-k?

*where facilities exist

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Joker said...

It's simple. it's based on everyone's reaction to gas prices every time they go to fill the tank.