Friday, May 23, 2008

new language: global brandspeak

A random comment on Jane's brilliant fun-with-brands post resulted in unprecedented bounce count for me yesterday. Her Brand Timeline Portrait (inspired by Noah Brier's Brand Tags) bounced me browsers from not only from our longitude but Mumbai, Warsaw, Cairo, Stockholm, Santiago, Zurich, Bucharest, Portugal, Helsinki, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia, Nairobi, Singapore.

What accounts for her viral's global virility? I think she invented a new language. Universal brand speak. The happy result of multinational corporations spending obscene amounts on global ad campaigns is, they've bequeathed to consumers an international language. All over the world, people who share a certain lifestyle know that google=searching. Nike=just do it. Mastercard=priceless. So now we don't have to go thru the pesky process of memorizing foreign vocab and tenses--we can say it with brands.

Looking for love? Put out the word in Global Brandspeak:

Anyone who can't translate older woman of real (if in need of some retouching) beauty seeking older non-metrosexual man to bring good things to life, well, you're not interested anyway.

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