Thursday, May 15, 2008

you want that $25,000 in quarters?

Today, Jane Sample defines a term you may have missed in MBA school: “hallway meeting”--
when 2 to 4 people meet in a hallway or by someones desk and discuss and/or make an important decision. These meetings are more productive and influential then any 1/2 hour long “meeting” with 10 attendees, all of them Executives who are too busy on their blackberries to actually pay attention at the meeting.
Hallway meetings are infinitely preferable to MeetingMaker Meetings because they not only save Harried Executives time, but facilitate creativity in all kinds of areas. As demonstrated by this fleeting but productive hallway meeting overheard in a BDA just the other day:
Senior Suit: Did you get those bids for [new client] website?
Junior Suit: Wildly different: $90K, $60K and $25K.
Senior Suit: Go with $25K. At that price, we won't have to even open a job jacket, we can siphon petty cash out of OOP for new business.

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Joker said...

The dangers of hallway meetings though are the he said she said battles when things don't go right.

They can be productive but also VERY destructive.