Saturday, May 17, 2008

news flash: ad broad joins a gym

So there I am in the trainer room getting my Complimentary Fitness Assessment when the trainer (nice guy @ 25 yrs old) says he's going to take my blood pressure. He reaches for some sort of contraption. "Wrong one," he says, putting it back. "They sent us these new pressure monitors, but they don't work as well as the old ones." He grabs a contraption that is larger, less sleek looking. "This is the old one," he says, slipping the sleeve on my arm. "It works a lot better."

I know, of course, what he is too young to realize: that this is the first of many times he'll wonder why they made a new version of something, when the old works better.

The hard part of learning new technology as you age, is having to UNLEARN the way you did it before. (Craig Daitch wrote a fine post about this in a recent Ad Age.)

"Your pressure is fine," says the kid, beaming at me. And this handsome young guy who is in the best shape he'll ever be in in his life--suddenly, I feel sorry for him.


Joker said...

Great posts deserve a great comment... when I can think of something that will make me smile as much as your post I'll come back. ;)


ps.: word verification is gehdhkix (take the h's out and the coincidence is just beautiful)

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Thanks for the read and kind words, Joker. Word verifier there's a concept.

Joker said...

There are signs everywhere, if you only take the chance to look and notice ;)

Damnit.... that's a fortune cookie. off to blog :D