Thursday, June 5, 2008

avartising wars

Quick! Click over to Creative Beef and get your WiA avatar and start playing the game that's the most fun you'll have in adland today. Duke it out with mortal enemies Account Executive, Art Director, Copywriter or Client. (Depending on your department affiliation.) Reigning champions so far are Jane Sample and Girl Riot who waged awesome battle (pictured). But wait! Where's Freelancer? ( Just Back from Vacation, Knows Everyone, Retro-Frame Bifocals, Always Working on Pitch) How can I play without her?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There must be a freelancer. Everything I read says that eventually, most of us will be freelancers -- both in and out of advertising. I don't know ow we'd represent this freelancer, but I think for the first week, he or she is sitting with good posture, friendly and alert. After that, the same, but in that Eddie Haskell way that communicates it's all about the money.