Monday, June 23, 2008

when graphic design is more graphic than the client intended

Logo design is for professionals--don't try it at home.

Another treasure from the troves of GardenBroad.

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Joker said...

Ok first some reactions to the logos.

1. This could be ancient hieroglyphics for the missionary position.

2. There's nothing like the tender reassurance of a hand full of hair while testing your gag reflex.

3. I'd love to see the infomercial.

4. It wasn't enough to have the mouse look like a schlong, they had to go and trace the trail of DNA all over the logo.

Possible texts to be submitted for review.

1. We'll fill every cavity. If you really wanna get drilled. Nothing makes us happier than taking care of your mouth.

2. Teaching little children how to make a dollar in these tough times. Because statutory sometimes refers to height. helping kids find surprises in adult pockets since 2002.

3. Getting deep inside to see how we can help. We're experts in the sexy Heimlich. Pressing the most ancient of pressure points for your well being.

4. No job is too dirty for us. Replacing sticky computers is our joy in life. Joystick assistance is just a call away.