Friday, June 13, 2008

sorry, busy in the nonvirtual world

Apologies for recent lack of posts. (Do hope you've noticed!) Teenaged daughter just left for two months in China. Tai jian, Babe. Travel safe, safe, safe.


Joker said...

but of course dahling. We notice but lucky for me it gave me a chance to catch up on the blogosphere : D

funny thing, my word verification says meyowk.... sounds like something from China... lol. look it up, who knows. ;)

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Weird, Joker. Meyowk actually does mean something in Chinese...misspelling of Mei ao ke.. "beautiful old woman knocking against something hard"...sometimes these verifiers can be kind of prescient...thanks for letting me know! (yes, Ad Broad speaks both HTML and Chinese) (the first being the more inscrutable language)

Joker said...

hahahaha, I've always wondered what a guffaw would sound like because it's one of those words that sound pretty but too literary.... I've just given one up so thanks for that ;)