Thursday, June 19, 2008

international checkout queens, 1965

Starring in vintage industrial from The Super Market Institute in conjunction with that famous producer of blockbusters-- Reader's Digest! Featuring push button cash registers! Giant Hair! Clerks who speak English! Bag boys in ties!  And debut of artist making comeback at a Whole Foods near you: The Bamboo-Handled Plaid Shopping Bag.

as seen on Malls of America


Anonymous said...

You know, that part about the checker being the last impression on the customer is still valid. My local home improvement consumer warehouse distribution center put in automated checkout at all but two stations, though they put an employee near the kiosks to help customers having issues with the machines. No smiles. No chit-chat. No suggestions about what's on sale. No face of the store. Soon I'll be able to order online and have my caulk delivered by robot car.

Anonymous said...

Oh to be an International Checkout Queen! Did you notice that Ruth Buzzy was the first Queen? Must have been before her stint on Laugh-In!

I don't remember many stores using the big ancient wooden registers even as late as the mid 60's. I have to check out the site....thanks!